Monday, January 7, 2008

Cashmere Mafia finally aired, and yes, I watched it

I wouldn't call it good exactly, more like a guilty pleasure (admit it, you all have at least one whether it's Gossip Girls or a CSI) Surprise, surprise I really liked the clothes. Other than that it's nothing to write home about but I read a review of it in USA Today that I found INFURIATING. Ok, the paper is not exactly high brow, neither is the show and I will be the first to admit there is nothing nuanced about the characters or story-lines, but to say it's hard to believe that the four leads are business school graduates because they are pretty, well-dressed and talk about relationships is ridiculous. Actually so far I like the character of Zoe, the only one in a real marriage and with kids. Her life is crazy and consists of doing stupid things in order to keep her kids a priority. Plus, she wears fantastic basically work appropriate clothes as opposed to women in other shows in positions of power and authority, like Cuddy in House (I heart House)- no one in their right mind who isn't a stripper shows that kind of cleavage at work.

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